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    Many of you may know the rules of parity when it comes to hotel rooms, but most people who don’t work in the travel industry don’t know what that may mean. Well, what it means for us is that we can’t always sell our rooms when and how we want to. As an independent hotel we are not really in a place to negotiate, as we don’t have a big corporation behind us doing national and international advertising. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy our partnerships with our Internet companies, but it does mean that we often have to show that we are sold out online when in fact we do have rooms. This is because we cannot offer rooms to all of the companies we work with due to the limited availability we have. What does this mean to you and why are we sharing this dilemma with you? Because we want you to call us direct, or send us an email at whenever you see that we are sold out online. We may actually have rooms to sell. Not only that, but you will only get our cooked to order breakfast when you book with us direct and you will likely get a discount to boot! Call and ask about our upcoming up availability.

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    1. Mrs. Hertzberg October 28, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

      At the age of 57 years old, I have been and continue to be, a Professional Housekeeper ( along with artist, farmwife, and organic gardener). I’ve been of service to others for over 40 years of my life and consider every aspect of domestics an art within itself.

      Needless to say, I have traveled quite a bit and served in the most humble of homes to the most opulant and one thing remains the same: housekeepers (most domestic servers)are still underappreciated for their service.

      There are too many reasons and stereotypes contributing to this for me to expound on here. However, the problem is perpetually driven toward the negative by both client and server.

      Untrained or improperly trained servers with no vision and clients who are dismissive, abusive or have unrealistic expectations fuel the growing enmity between them.

      It doesn’t have to be this way.

      I was taught that NO job you perform is menial; that each task, when infused with the artistic eye for the details and loving pride, is an important part of the whole picture.

      This frame of mind creates a sense of comfort and calm in everyone who receives the fruits of such service and infuses the domestic with a motivation to excel.

      I will be staying at the resort in November over the Thanksgiving Holidays. I was there with a sick husband earlier this year and I loved the way people served us, cared for us and our needs.

      Even other guests offered their help and kindness BECAUSE a sense of compassion and pride was provided to them BY the people who serve there at the resort.

      So, while I am there this next month, if you need my services in some way because you are short handed, let me know. Except on Thanksgiving day, I will help where I am able and for whatever we can agree upon as a trade and partly as a thank you to all who serve at the resort.

      God Bless

      Mrs. Michelle Hertzberg

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