Save money on last day of bookings! Enter the code DEALS in coupon field. If we have any last minute rooms to sell you will find a discounted rate.


    Many of you may know the rules of parity when it comes to hotel rooms, but most people who don’t work in the travel industry don’t know what that may mean. Well, what it means for us is that we can’t always sell our rooms when and how we want to. As an independent hotel we are not really in a place to negotiate, as we don’t have a big corporation behind us doing national and international advertising. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy our partnerships with our Internet companies, but it does mean that we often have to show that we are sold out online when in fact we do have rooms. This is because we cannot offer rooms to all of the companies we work with due to the limited availability we have. What does this mean to you and why are we sharing this dilemma with you? Because we want you to call us direct, or send us an email at whenever you see that we are sold out online. We may actually have rooms to sell. Not only that, but you will only get our cooked to order breakfast when you book with us direct and you will likely get a discount to boot! Call and ask about our upcoming up availability.

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